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Dr. Jaydutt Patel: The Medical Reserve Corps

Volunteering with the Medical Reserve Corps allows individuals with training in medicine or public health the chance to bolster and improve local health, safety, and community emergency preparedness efforts. Medical Reserve Corps volunteers perform a number of important services, and … Continue reading

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What Is VT Ablation? By Jaydutt Patel, MD

Ventricular tachycardia ablation (VT ablation) is a process that corrects a potentially fatal heart condition that causes the heart to beat too quickly. To understand how a VT ablation works, it helps to understand what the name means. “Ventricular” indicates … Continue reading

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Jaydutt Patel, MD, Discusses Tilt Table Tests

Tilt table tests examine possible conditions of the autonomic nervous system. The simple test has the patient lie down on a horizontal table that has supports for the feet. The table then rises by small degrees until it assumes a … Continue reading

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